TVNextSeason was conceived as the project about TV and anime aiming to provide you the most reliable data about your current show status and its release date.

As you know, every show on TV is passing through several stages. The show can be just released, renewed for another season, the exact release date for the upcoming season in scheduled, the show's status can be undecided (pending), finally, it can be canceled or concluded.

Our goal is to inform you about the actual status of your current show. That's why we gathered the database of the most actual TV shows and anime, and currently working to support and update this database.

The project is currently in its reviving status and we're constantly making changes. Please forgive us for some possible inaccurate data, it will be updated soon. TVNextSeason, as we see its future, will provided you the most reliable data on your favorite TV shows which is unavailable across other similar project.

We developed the most advanced automatic system which is tracking down the most recent news on the show's updates. It is currently in development but will be finished within the upcoming several month.

Please keep waiting and soon you will be able to collect your favorite shows and tract down their real status, as well as the exact release dates for their respective upcoming seasons in one place.